Photo Of The Week: The Trees at Center Grove


I’ve written at length about the Center Grove Cemetery on our farm and the fact that many North Carolina Veterans of the American Civil War are buried here. You can check the archives if you’re interested in learning more of the facts and seeing some of the tombstones. I’ve also posted many shots of the cemetery in all of the seasons and just about every weather condition one can imagine, but  I’m still searching for the definitive image of the trees that shade the old cemetery.

I was out again this past week before dawn for another try.   What I really want is a shot that includes the newly risen sun starring through the dead hulk of the old Oak that dominates the east face of the cemetery but it is the wrong time of year. I’ll be back mid spring to try for that composition when the Sun has had time to backtrack to that position. Last week’s effort concentrated on the silhouettes of the trees against the early light of dawn taken from a very low perspective. I’ve tried this before but I’ve always started with the Camera setting in Adobe Camera Raw at “Vivid” which is usually the setting dialed in for all of my cameras.   This time, I used the “Camera Neutral” setting in Camera RAW  that turns down the the contrast and saturation settings to the lowest point.   The result, when I opened the image in the Camera Raw Conversion panel was a rather dull look. My aim was to protect the highlights and give me a good starting point to ramp up the dynamic range as much as possible.   The result is the shot above. I was right pleased with it as far as dealing with the scene as it presented itself. What it lacks is a lot of oomph or “wow factor” that will only come with a more dynamic sky, ie, one with more pre-dawn clouds to reflect the still below the horizon sun. Maybe next time! In the words of “Arnold”……I’ll Be Baaack!!” Have a great week. Thanks for the look….and the read….

One thought on “Photo Of The Week: The Trees at Center Grove

  1. Well, I admire your tenacity and determination to capture the shot you see in your mind’s eye.

    I do like this shot though. Any more “vivid” would take away from the scene, I think. You captured something special and created a meaningful mood. Beautiful.

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