Photo Of The Week: A Late Harvest

blogged February 7, 2016

I was finally able to get some shots of a soybean harvest this past week.  No one can remember a harvest this late.  These were planted back in mid to late June.  They usually are harvested in November or early December but the wet weather never let up making the fields too wet to support the big harvesting machines.  Finally, this past week, four days of dry weather solidified the good earth and the Soybean Harvesters rolled.

These kinds of shots don’t generate a lot of interest on photography sites like flickr but they’ve always done well as stock photography.   Crop foundations, agricultural support associations along with branding and advertising agencies are the usual clients. Of course it helps if the scene is appealing.   I used a Nikon D7100 with a 70 to 300mm lens which saved me a lot of walking.  Its a huge field. Now I’ve got to finish processing the shots and get them to the marketplace.  Thanks for the visit and have a great week ahead.

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