Photo of The Week: Wandering the Dunes at Emerald Isle, North Carolina


The light here is very special.  Emerald Isle is oriented to the southeast so the sun is over the beach throughout the day creating amazing shadows and light patterns.  The photo above of a row of sand fences near the barrier dune line is a color shot but the light and shadow play give it the look of a monochrome sepia-like photograph.


With the sun behind me, the light takes on a different hue.  This is the view to the south southeast looking toward the point.  The beach is incredibly wide here similar to the beaches further down the Atlantic Coast.  When I was there last week, I had the entire beachfront to myself.


This view is further down the beach near lands end.  It’s hard to fathom that a little over a decade ago, much of this was not here.    Nor’Easters, Hurricanes and the constant wind are continually changing the landscape.  I used a Nikon D800E Camera on these shots with an 18-35mm wide angle lens.  The only clouds were off on the horizon line so the Sunny f/16 rule came into play.  f/16, 1/125th of a second, ISO 100.  Thanks for the visit and have a great week ahead.

2 thoughts on “Photo of The Week: Wandering the Dunes at Emerald Isle, North Carolina

  1. It is hard to believe how the sand dunes change with the storms. Florida has lost so much beach and you gain. Such is life, we are always gaining and losing. We lost our Mother in law and gained a grandchild in the one month…It is the circle of life I guess.

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