Photo Of The Week: A Congregation of Clouds

A Congregation of Clouds   Posted to flickr April 29, 2016

The end of the day brings a congregation of clouds from the northeast.  Within minutes, the entire eastern sky was filled with cotton like clouds brightened by the setting sun.  There was little wind and so the normally angry Atlantic was rather calm that afternoon. I rather liked the look of things so snapped several shots.  I chose this one to post because of that last little patch of blue winking out of the cloud cover. One never goes lacking for subjects to shoot along the coast.  On this day, the sky stole the show.  Have a good week and thanks for the look. Nikon D600 18/35mm lens.

One thought on “Photo Of The Week: A Congregation of Clouds

  1. I love patch of blue peeking through as well. There are a lot of layers to look at in this image. sky, clouds, ocean, sand, and horizon…very pleasing…There is something about the beach that is relaxing to view…and this shot is one of those times to remember…

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