Shameless Plug

a A shot of the front and back cover of my book “Radio Ingleside; A Life On Air.”   Now available as a Trade paperback at and at Amazon’s create space e store.  Just search for the title.  It’s about coming of age in a very artistic family in  a small southside Virginia town;  the trials and tribulations of growing up and getting infatuated with radio at a very young age. A memoir, it traces my adventures in broadcasting in Washington and Richmond, Virginia until the US Congress opened the door for its ultimate demise at the turn of the century.   318 pages.  A shorter version is available as an ebook download. Thanks for the indulgence. Back to more traditional photo fair next time.

5 thoughts on “Shameless Plug

  1. PS – Just put it on my Amazon Wish list. Will place the order once I have to buy some stuff from there – which is all the time. Based on the reviews – looks like a great read for the beach

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