Photo Of The Week: Beach Heat

blogged August 14, 2016

The texture of the sand on the backside of this dune caught my eye on the beach at Emerald Isle.  It is very hot here with the heat index hovering near 120.  The Atlantic Ocean is a sauna with water temperature nearing 85 degrees.  How on earth that can be refreshing is beyond me but there are plenty of takers.  Thanks for the look and have a good week ahead.

2 thoughts on “Photo Of The Week: Beach Heat

  1. Beautiful image but that heat is something else!. It felt like a sauna down South of you in New Smyrna Beach today as well. The amazing thing is that that Atlantic Ocean is refreshing if you jump in, and if there is a breeze, you just don’t notice the heat as much.
    But then, watch out for the sharks!

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