Photo Of The Week: Open For Business

Open for Business Posted to Flickr November 20, 2016

Open for Business 

A rather dramatic sunrise in the bean field.  Within a minute or so, the golden glow in the sky will be gone, leaving just a white disk of a sun and a lot of bright light.  The trick is to be there before the big show. My rules for sunrise shots: Get your gear ready the night before even to the point of making the settings on your camera.  For me, usually f/16-f/22, iso 400, manual exposure, spot metering.  Set your alarm early enough to allow you time to get to your destination.  When it goes off, go outside and check the sky.  If there are no clouds, and you live near your destination,  go back to sleep.  If you are at an exotic location or on vacation etc, get going regardless.  You may not be back. Once there, work quickly, the sun will not wait for you. It really helps to case your location ahead of time to pre-plan shooting points.  One final tip: be there. s for the visit. See you next time.

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