A Thank You Note

When I got the notice this week that my domain fee had come due again, I decided I’d had enough. I’m letting it go.   I wanted to pass along my thanks to those of you who over the years have taken a look now and then.  Thank you.  I’m going to spend the hour or two every week I spent trying to figure out how to deal with trying to format a post on WordPress working instead on my photography website and maintaining my flickr site.  I invite you to drop by.  Again, thanks for the support.


John Harding

Photo Of The Week: Up Close & Personal

A few splotches of color returned to the landscape this week. Not that we’ve been living in a totally drab world; the Sasanquas and Camellias have been showing their glory  since late October.  Now the Daffodils and Japanese Quince have joined the chorus.

The occasion prompted some lens changes.  The 60 mm and 105 mm macro lenses were clicked into place as I waded into the Daffodil patch and the huge, very prickly Japanese Quince.   It was a nice preview of what’s to come in a few months.  Thanks for the look and have a good week ahead. _dsc8649_dsc8592-1