Shooting with the Nikon 60 mm Micro

The Nikon 60 mm f/2.8 G Micro lens (“Micro” is Nikon-speak for “Macro”) has usually gotten a bad rap when compared with its big brother, the Nikon 105 mm.  By far the biggest gripe: the 60 requires the photographer to get close to the subject.  If you’re shooting insects, that is surely a disadvantage. Who needs a bee sting on the nose!  Another rub is the lack of vibration reduction.  You need a steady hand or, of course, a tripod. Even with those negatives,  I’ve never had a problem.  Mine usually lives on my trusty D700 Camera.

The 60 mm has been around a long time.  I’ve had mine for about a decade.  It’s built like a tank, the auto focus is snappy and it delivers marvelous bokeh .  The best news is the price.  It’s among Nikon’s cheapest lens.  Nikon has recently announced a replacement but there are oodles of these on the used market and you can pick one up for a song; about a third of what you’d pay for a 105.  Course if you shoot stinging insects, you’ll have to allow for pain and suffering. Thanks for the moment and have a good week.  See you next time. .

2 thoughts on “Shooting with the Nikon 60 mm Micro

  1. Beautiful images! Looks like a great lens!
    I have an old 50 mm with a f 1.4 f-stop. That is my finest macro lens and portrait lens, too. It is often not handy because my zooms are already on my camera! wh That 50 mm lens is so good that it hooked me into photography. I just love the results…very little post editing needed with that great lens.

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