Bird Photography from the comfort of home

Bird photography is pretty much a cold weather thing with me.  For one thing, aside from the beach which is nearby, there’s not a lot of competition for subject matter during the winter.  And, of course, finding and photographing birds is far easier when the trees are pretty much devoid of their foliage.  So why now?  Well, the jet stream decided to detour to the far north leaving us and much of the country in the throes of super heat we don’t usually see until late July and August.   Tromping outside in 100 plus heat and dripping humidity is not my idea of  fun.   So for this little “outing” I set up my rig in  the air conditioned comfort of my house.   We have a large single pane window in our bathroom that offers a wide view of the backyard and woods beyond.  I cleaned the window outside and in and got to business.  I used a Nikon D750 and a Nikon 200-500mm f/5.6 lens mounted on a tripod with no UV filter.  I decided to forego another piece of glass to preserve a little clarity.  The time of the shooting was between 3 and 4:30pm.  Here’s a sample of what I came away with.

This female House Finch was perched in a Sycamore tree about 20 feet from the window.   I used my usual settings for bird photography.  Spot metering, Aperture Priority set to f/8  and  lowest Iso I can get away with.  In the shade that was about 160.

This male Northern Cardinal was eyeballing a platform feeder about 10 feet away from his perch in a River Birch Tree.  His mate was on a nearby limb preening after a shower earlier in the afternoon.

Aside from shooting out an airplane window years ago which yielded mixed results, this was my first attempt from inside the house and judging from these results, it won’t be the last.  Thanks for the look. Feed the birds!  See you next time.

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