Blooming Cotton

Late summer brings the  blooming cycle of cotton, the first stage of the maturing of the cotton plant.  The first blooms are pink which then quickly turn to white, then yellow.  Cotton is probably my most fun  crop to shoot and this year’s crop is no exception.

These shots among other views are earmarked for Getty Images.  In the past my cotton shots have done well with marketing and branding firms and cotton promotional firms.

The yellow flowers will soon turn bright red then drop off to allow the bolls to ripen.  When they mature, the bolls will crack open revealing the cotton.  Of course, this cycle always comes during peak hurricane season and right on cue, Hurricane “Florence” is churning its way toward the coast.  Cotton is pretty sturdy though so perhaps  this crop will weather the onslaught.  We’ll know next week this time.  If you’re on the Southeast US Coast, stay safe.  See you next time.

2 thoughts on “Blooming Cotton

  1. Well, so nice to know that you are selling your images
    . They all deserve and should be published!
    With Hurricane coming some of your images may have historical value. Take your camera and image collection to a safe place, along with loved ones. This storm sounds like a bad one. Thinking of you in California at the moment.

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