Photo Of The Day: Carolina Chickadee


For the longest time, we had very few birds fluttering around here then when the rare snow smothered everything, they all came out looking for yummy black oil sunflower seeds.  This little Carolina Chickadee is banging away at his while holding it against a limb.  I fired off about 10 shots with my D3X and managed to get several keepers.  I’ve found the easiest way to get a shot of these very fast little birds is to wait until after they crack their seed and eat it.  They will always look up and pause for a nanosecond before darting back to the ground to pick up another one. Click on the photo for the large view.

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Photo Of The Day: Carolina Chickadee


I haven’t posted a bird shot in a while.  I caught this little Carolina Chickadee last week.  He had flown back to this River Birch Tree to crack open his Sunflower Seed and uncharacteristically paused a few seconds before eating it.  This little birds are very hyper and seldom perch for more than a nanosecond before moving on so this was a real treat.  Have a great week and thanks for the look.  Nikon D7100, 300mm lens.

A Quiet Chickadee

I figure this little Carolina Chickadee took a valium or something.  Usually extremely flighty, nervous and  stressed   little birds, this little guy parked himself in a River Birch Tree and chilled out for several minutes;  an eternity in the Chickadee World.  I was actually able to get a pretty sharp shot of him.  See you soon on most of this same blog.