Merry Christmas and To All a Good Night


The Bluebirds were all snug in their nests as a surprise Holiday Snowstorm visited the farm some years ago.  Today, just cold rain, high winds and a thunderstorm or two.  Not a good day to be traveling.  Hope you and your loved ones have a safe trek to wherever you are headed.  Best Wishes for a joyous Christmas and a marvelous New Year.

Photo Of The Day: The Christmas Card

Resident Reds   Posted to flickr November 20, 2014  I start thinking about the birds around this time every year when my Christmas Card comes to mind.  My attention wanes during the spring and summer when I am more focused on what we’re growing here and of course the beach and the sound which are always uppermost in my mind.

I use a photograph of a Cardinal on my Christmas Card every year which I send to old friends and clients and what bird better conveys the holiday season than a male Northern Cardinal in his new red suit.  These guys are my choice for this year.  They were braving the cold snap in a bare River Birch Tree here on the farm.  I caught them with a Nikon D7100 coupled to a Nikon 70-300 mm lens which on the small sensor D7100 is the equivalent of a 400 mm plenty of power to bring him up close and personal.  My cards won’t go out until the second week of December but for all of you, an early peek.

Need I say this photograph and the entire collection of Cardinals and hundreds of other shots   are available for cards or prints or framed shots etc via my web site.  Just click on “John Harding Art Prints” and off you go.

Forgive the plug. It pays the bills.

Have a Great Holiday Season.  See you next time.

Christmas Bird 2


It isn’t often I get two keepers on successive shots but that was the case with this Northern Cardinal.  The previous shot is the previous post.  I think he saw  a glimmer of a reflection in the lens and turned his head to get a better look.  Thanks for the Look and Have a Great Evening.

The Christmas Bird

Star Billing

When I think of Christmas, I always think of the Male Northern Cardinal.   It’s that bright red suit.  It makes him look like a flying Santa Claus.  Add some snow and for me anyway, You have  a picture perfect Christmas Scene.  We have the Cardinals this year but alas, no snow.  This was taken over Christmas in 2010,  the last white Christmas we have had in Eastern North Carolina and probably the first for many.   We won’t be that lucky this year,  chilly temperatures but no snow.   So as der Bingel  sang so many years ago,  I just dream of a White Christmas and watch those flying Saint Nicks.  Have a Great Weekend and Merry Christmas!