Photo Of The Day: Skyfall On The Sound

Skyfall    Posted to Flickr October 3, 2014

Afternoon along the Currituck Sound in Eastern, North Carolina.

Time to start packing bug spray with a high deet factor if you’re headed this way. The dreaded flies are back on patrol for some nice juicy human to much on. I make it a point to wear long sleeve shirts this time of the year.  People look at me like am nuts …….until they get stung.

Have a great remainder of the week.



A rather dramatic scene playing out on the beach at Southern Shores  as storm clouds push east over the ocean.  The view here is to the southwest showing the  enormous barrier dunes.  The dunes are so tall in many spots that only the rooftops of two story ocean front  houses are  visible from the tide line.   Further south on the Outer Banks,  the line of barrier dunes has been depleted leaving homes and highway 12 vulnerable to ocean over-wash.   On this visit, I noticed  many new sand fences had been erected along the dune line aimed at holding the sand and vegetation in place during storms, particularly Nor’Easters which do more damage to the coast than Hurricanes.

Nikon D600 with a 24mm wide angle lens.

Thanks for the look and have a great evening.

Opening Ceremony

Sunrise on the Outer Banks between Southern Shores and Duck, North Carolina.  Have a Great Weekend and Thanks for the Visit.


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