Photo Of The Week: Autumn On The Outer Banks

Serenity  Posted to Flickr october 28, 2016

I’ve always been convinced that Autumn and Winter are the best seasons for grabbing a dynamic sunrise or sunset shot along the coast.  I’m no weather guru but it just seems the cooler temperatures seem to generate more clouds which, when struck, by the light of the rising sun, make for  a spectacular scene.  This is the moment of Sunrise along the Outer Banks of North Carolina somewhere between Kitty Hawk and Southern Shores.  No filters. Nikon D800E Camera with an 18mm lens. ISO 400, Manual exposure, center weight metering, f/9, 1/320th of a second.  Thanks for your visit and have a great week ahead. 



Photo of The Week: Daybreak at Kitty Hawk



The dawn breaks along the beach at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina on the Outer Banks.  This was several days after Hurricane Hermine had blown by and the morning sky is still filled with spectacular could formations.  Nikon D800E.  18-35mm Lens.

Photo Of The Week: Flowering Tobacco


Blooming tobacco in an Eastern North Carolina farm field.  Tobacco isn’t what it used to be in North Carolina but it is still very much in evidence.   This was a small patch or allotment on a small farm near the coast.  The flowers will be removed; “topped” is the word used in the field.   It allows the plant to fill out and mature. Leaves are harvested from the bottom up.  Thanks for the look and have a good week ahead.

Photo of The Day: Sunset in the Bean Field


I don’t usually venture out for a sunset shot here.  The sight lines are such that I have to hike up to the far end of the field to get a nice long, unobstructed view and even then the tree line comes into play before the sun hits the pure horizon.  But as we all know, there are no rules.  The sun was just about to drop below the tree line when I turned the corner into the open fields and the light was fading fast.  Not enough time to make the trek to the other end of the field so I quickly fired off  two shots with the D800E.  I know, its on the dark side but I really do like the light and shadow play on the soybeans.

If you’re wondering what on earth are soybeans doing in the field in January, the answer is…..Rain.  We’ve had two weeks of heavy rain over the past 20 days and the ground is like soup.  Far too wet to get the harvest machines into the field.  Like most places in the Southeast USA, the weather has just been crazy.

Thanks for the look in and have a great 2016.

Photo Of The Day: The Gazebo at Duck


I’m such a sucker for this abandoned structure in the Currituck Sound at Duck, NC.  I must have taken a hundred shots at various angle at different times of the day and I still find myself drawn to it.  In its day, this offered a magnificent view of the Sound until a hurricane took out the walkway and the floor of the structure.  Amazingly, the roof has survived.  I can’t remember if it was Hurricane Isabel or Irene.  This is taken in late afternoon light in mid September.  Now, its left to the Sea Gulls.  Thanks for the look and have a great weekend.

Stillness on The Sound

Twilight On The Pamlico Sound at Oriental, North Carolina,  This is where the mile wide Neuse River empties into the Pamlico Sound on the  North Carolina Coast.  This is the companion to an earlier shot of the Sound as seen from Oriental.  These and other shots of the coast and Outer Banks can be seen on my web site.  Just click on “John Harding Art Prints” on the upper right and go to the Gallery “The North Carolina Coast.”   Thanks for the look and have a Great Weekend.  Cheers!

A Quick Visit to Honker Island

So named for the year round resident Canada Geese who live there, Honker Island was once part of a commercial nursery operation that went bust leaving the geese as the sole occupants.  They’ve gotten very possessive over the years  and do not really care much for intruders particularly those carrying cameras.  They must have seen me getting my gear out of the truck because there was a giant whoosh as they took off in unison bound for a distant soak in the lake.    Of course I missed the mass flight out leaving me with this view.

I come here four or five times a year to catch the different seasons such as they are in Coastal North Carolina.  The best views are in the Spring and Fall.   Ain’t that usually the case in the south.  On this day,  it  was approaching late morning when I arrived  and the light was getting quite bright so I hustled to the shore to grab a quick shot before heading home.    It’s way too bright for my taste and proves again that late morning is not a good time for  photography,  particularly landscape photography.      Still, It’s a pleasant view accented by the reflections of the pines in the lake.  I’ve made a note to come back at a more light friendly time of day  for another take.  Stay Tuned.    See you soon on most of this same blog.