Photo Of The Week: Sourgrass


It dots the fields in Eastern North Carolina every spring.  It’s sourgrass, a decidedly red, wild grass.  Stick a sprig between your teeth and you’ll think you are sucking on a very potent sour ball.  Highly photogenic, the bright red sour grass gives a nice foreground for otherwise blah landscape shots of the field at sunrise.  Spot Metering, ISO 400, f/22 using a Nikon 18-35mm lens on a D800E camera. Click on the photo for a larger view and thanks for the look.

Photo Of The Day: Beans At First Light

11 13 15_4639_edited-1

Soybeans at Sunrise.  Hopefully, they are beginning to dry out.  We suspect the yield will be down this year primarily due to all the rain we’ve had here.  Two runs of 5 days straight of nothing but rain in October was pretty much the last straw. Farming is what it has always been, a crap shoot.  The odds in Vegas are probably better.

The soybeans in this field which is on the high ground here look rather well but probably not well enough to pull the other field’s yield up.  You plants the seed and you takes your chances.

Anyway, a rather dramatic view I think with the stalks of beans paying homage to the rising the sun.  Shot with a Nikon D800E and an 18-35mm lens.

My thoughts and prayers are with France this weekend.  We are all French in the wake of the barbaric attack on innocents.

Thanks for the look. See you next time.

Photo Of the Day: First Light In The Bean Field

10 17 15_3990_edited-1

I thought the morning was a washout with the cloud cover but my wife Jeri noticed the light behind the clouds and suggested I make the walk from the house.  It was worth it.  Amazing light.   Nikon D800E Camera with an 18-35mm lens.  Thanks for the look and have a great week ahead.

Photo Of the Day: Stairway to Heaven

Stairway to Heaven Posted to Flickr October 9, 2013

This shot from the top of the barrier dunes at Duck on the North Carolina Outer Banks came just moments before sunrise when the sky colors are at their peak.  It’s a fleeting moment. The yellow, pale pink and blues will fade quickly once the sun clears the horizon.  Oh, you can shoot at 9 or 10 in the morning or even at noon and two in the afternoon but despite all the settings and filters, to my mind nothing beats what you get at dawn.  It really is worth getting up for.  No filters on this shot.  D800E with an 18-35mm lens.  Thanks for the look in and have a great Sunday.

Photo Of The Day: September at Duck

BloggedJust back from a week at Duck/Southern Shores on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  I was blessed with phenomenal weather despite or perhaps, in spite of the weather prognosticators who kept predicting a washout.  I think I spent more time out with the cameras this time than I ever have; out twice a day roaming the banks for hours on end.  I filled up three 16 Gb SD cards and two compact flash cards.  With weather like I had, it was hard not to snap a keeper.  This is the dawn on the beach at Duck September 15th.  Sorry for the tilted horizon. Too much Blue Moon Beer.


New Camera from Nikon

Nikon has released the D750,  supposedly the replacement for the legendary D700 which was released years ago.  I loved the D700 and while the new camera has most of the bells and whistles one would expect in a professional/consumer level camera, the non-pro body left me cold.   I passed on it then along comes B and H Photo Video in New York where I buy much of my photography gear with a terrific deal on a factory refurbished Nikon D800E.  It was too good to pass up so I traded in my faithful D700.  Nikon’s advertising for the D800E was to the effect that “you’re going to shoot everything all over again.”  I believe it.  The resolution is mind blowing.  I’m already thinking about a return to Duck to reshoot everything.

Thanks for the look in and have a great week ahead.