An Azalea Affair

It was a short season, the annual festival of azalea blooms that charm the south.  It was the schizophrenic weather that did them in, reducing the vibrant flowers to drooping puddles of faded color.  But not all met their demise..  It gave thought to the possibility that old doesn’t always equate to impending doom.  Maybe 60 year old azaleas are made of sterner stuff.  Witness these giant Formosa Azaleas that weathered three days of 20 degree nights.

As you may have gathered, I have changed my mind about ditching this blog. Sort of!  The fancy custom address is gone but I figured if 60 year old Azaleas can carry on, this 72 year old shooter can.  See you after the next frost, maybe before.   


Photo Of The Day: Short Lived


We had the hardest freeze of the season overnight. The temperature dropped from a a high in the 60’s yesterday afternoon to a pre-dawn low this morning of 24 doing in early Spring Azalea Blooms like this “Pride of Mobile” flower.  I’m just glad I got a few shots of it before the frost mowed them all down.  Thanks for the look which is better if you click on the photograph.  Have a Great Evening and a Great Weekend.

Heavy Weather Warning

This shot of the dawn on April 3rd served as a warning of heavy weather on the way.  A massive cold front blew in that afternoon and by nightfall the rain had started.  It has just now cleared up.  Our rain gauge shows 3 inches and this was on top of an already saturated ground.  That’s not all.  We’re under a possible frost warning tonight.  It’s almost as though Winter decided it didn’t want to completely wimp out.  Breaking out the shorts was a bit premature.  Needless to say, the camera’s have been in the bag.

The particulars: Nikon D7000, 18mm, f/13, 1/13, Spot Metering, Manual Exposure.


My wife has taken pity on me having to pay to get slides commercially scanned and digitized.   She’s wrapping up an
Epson V500 film, slide and photograph scanner for my birthday.  I know, its not a surprise!  I’n not a big surprise guy.     Wrapping it is her way of keeping me from using it until after the official birthday day.   She has rules.   She’s checked out reviews on line and tells me its the best there is in a reasonable price range which can run into the thousands of dollars.  I just read a review in PC magazine which gave it two thumbs up.  I’m looking forward to getting it.  I have lots of slide archives and as I may have said before, I still take film shots from time to time, mostly of landscapes.  I’m one of those nuts who hasn’t completely gotten over film.  I’m sure the new Nikon D800 would more than whet my appetite for full frame shots,  but at three thousand bucks, it’ll have to wait either until a ship comes in or until a birthday in the next life.  For now my Nikon F100 has to be my full framer.  And I tell you, with a roll of fuji Velvia 100 in it, the color is nothing short of magnificent.  The scanner won’t get here anytime too soon though.  I have a box of 35 slides just back from fujifilm ready to be digitized.  Stay Tuned.  Same time, same station.