Photo Of The Week: Up Close & Personal

A few splotches of color returned to the landscape this week. Not that we’ve been living in a totally drab world; the Sasanquas and Camellias have been showing their glory  since late October.  Now the Daffodils and Japanese Quince have joined the chorus.

The occasion prompted some lens changes.  The 60 mm and 105 mm macro lenses were clicked into place as I waded into the Daffodil patch and the huge, very prickly Japanese Quince.   It was a nice preview of what’s to come in a few months.  Thanks for the look and have a good week ahead. _dsc8649_dsc8592-1

Early Quince


Pink Japanese Quince warming in the January Sun.  We normally see this in mid March and sometimes in late February but no one here can ever remember seeing the Quince bloom in January.  Make that early January since this shot was taken over a week ago.  So it goes with the non-winter of 2013,  Thank you for your visit and have a great evening.

Prickly Color Came With a Price

It’s been a tough winter for color here.  The prolonged subfreezing weather from late December into February turned just about everything to toast including the Camellias which usually bloom from late October right into March.  They are just now starting to come back into bloom thanks to an incredible spell of warm weather.  Nothing like a few 70 degree days to fix the color doldrums. It’s even put a hurry up on the Japanese Quince which we usually don’t see in bloom until early March.  It was a welcome sight.

The quince here is entangled with some of the meanest briars and thorns imaginable and I paid the price finagling myself into the thicket for a few macro shots.
I always like to shoot the quince early on in the bloom cycle because I love the buds and the fact that the sparse number of blooms makes for some interesting depth of field .

My lens of choice for these shots was the Nikon f/ 2.8 60mm Micro (Nikon lingo for Macro).  It’s a wonderful 1:1 lens which allows you to get right down on the target.  I have a very nice scratch on the end of my nose to prove it.   See you soon on most of this same blog.