Photo Of The Day: The Gazebo at Sunset

00020.obx.12.13I remember stacking a Warming Filter and a Neutral Density Filter on the D700 when I took this some time back but I don’t remember much else except it was very very bright and I used sepia tones in processing it.  I had missed the opportune window and had to get home before the sunset came and cooled off the scene.  Its been sitting on one of my five storage drives for at least a couple of years  and frankly I had forgotten about it.  Gotta tell you, I’m glad I did not trash it.  Have a great evening everybody and thanks as always for the look.

Unsettled Weather

The last morning we saw the sun here. May 26th.  Nothing but Humid, Muggy, Foggy conditions with rain and storms  since with more to come.  A Tropical Storm is barreling up the coast with a ton of rain. One forecast predicts six inches. Really aside from a few breaks in the storms, most of the weekend on the coast has been largely a bust and for those hearty souls who did venture into the ocean, it was pretty dicey with dangerous rip currents.

I shot this with a full Neutral Density #8 Filter on a Nikon 18-35mm lens set at 35mm on a D700 Camera.  A split, graduated ND filter would have given more foreground details but alas, the one I have was not dense enough to handle the light. Thanks for the Look.

Hot Summer Sunrises

Summer Sunrises in Eastern North Carolina are, well, Hot!  The Sunlight is incredibly intense. Often the light blows out any clouds in the sky.  Enter the Neutral Density Filter.  I shot the above using a Neutral Density X8 Filter.   Without the filter, No Shot.  I would have just packed up and headed back to the house.   The ND X8 Filter reduced the Aperture by Three Stops  which cuts the intensity of the light to something the camera can handle.  X2 and X4 filters are also available.    I’ve used the X8 filter quite a  bit on sunrise shots here on the farm and at the beach.  It really can save the day.   Film Shooters use these filters to enable slower shudder speeds especially with high speed film.

My next filter purchase will be a Graduated Neutral Density Filter which allows one to reduce the intensity of the rising sun without darkening the foreground.  I’ve been putting it off but the time has come…..because the summer isn’t going to get any cooler and the skies are going to stay……Hot!   See you next time on most of this same blog.