Quiet Shadows; Subtle Abstraction; Finding pleasure in the Ordinary

Photography is very much an individual piece of business.   For many of us who are drawn to it,  we each mine our own little niche. For me it is the beach in the off season. The solace of isolation it offers brings me peace that no other place does.  When I plan a visit, fortunately a rather short drive for me.  I feel the vertigo of anticipation even though I have visited thousands of times over my 72 years.

There are usually a few fellow travelers out and about  when I am, all no doubt lured by the perfume of the slightly salty air that shows all who visit the same affection but who, I suspect, are primarily charmed by the solace  that allows us to get reacquainted with ourselves.  The constant rhythm of the ocean, the soft rush of the wind and, of course, the constantly changing dance of the sky,  all combine to reawaken one’s spirits.  As we age, I think we tend to start piling more and more of life into a box of sameness.  Our senses dull and more of the world becomes mundane, ordinary.  It’s a very slippery slope and one which photography helps me avoid.  See you next time.

Photo Of The Week: Beach Heat

blogged August 14, 2016

The texture of the sand on the backside of this dune caught my eye on the beach at Emerald Isle.  It is very hot here with the heat index hovering near 120.  The Atlantic Ocean is a sauna with water temperature nearing 85 degrees.  How on earth that can be refreshing is beyond me but there are plenty of takers.  Thanks for the look and have a good week ahead.

Photo Of The Week: A Congregation of Clouds

A Congregation of Clouds   Posted to flickr April 29, 2016

The end of the day brings a congregation of clouds from the northeast.  Within minutes, the entire eastern sky was filled with cotton like clouds brightened by the setting sun.  There was little wind and so the normally angry Atlantic was rather calm that afternoon. I rather liked the look of things so snapped several shots.  I chose this one to post because of that last little patch of blue winking out of the cloud cover. One never goes lacking for subjects to shoot along the coast.  On this day, the sky stole the show.  Have a good week and thanks for the look. Nikon D600 18/35mm lens.

Photo Of the Day: September Sunrise


From September of last year.   Meantime, the nonstop string of cars, trucks and campers loaded with all things beach clog the beach road heading in both directions. The goers and comers have one more month,  then the all clear signal will go up and I’ll head back to renew old acquaintances.  Hope you have a great Sunday. And thanks for the look.

Photo Of t The Day: Sea Oates at Sunset

Obx13.00177.edited_edited-1Sorry for the plethora of Sea Oates shots.  I’m working on a series and this one caught my eye because of the warm light.  Taken at sunset on the dunes at Southern Shores. Thanks for the drop in and have a wonderful evening.