Photo Of The Day: Currituck Sound

Blogged January 5, 2014

I made three  trips up to Duck from my base in Southern Shores before I finally got this shot the way I wanted it.  This late afternoon view is to the south towards  the Point Harbor to Kitty Hawk Bridge that connects US 158 to NC Route 12, perhaps better known to “Bankers” as Duck Road.  The harsh light earlier in the day just didn’t convey the tranquility of the scene, far different from the oceanfront with its crashing surf.   The remains of a pier and Gazebo serve up a terrific focal point and also a poignant reminder of how hurricanes and storms continue to shape and reshape the Outer Banks which is in a constant state of evolving.   I took the shot from the new sound side boardwalk in Duck which runs from just behind the “Wings” store to “Lady Victoria”. It affords spectacular views of the quiet glamor of the Currituck Sound and the shoreline which is dotted with marshes, sea oats, cat tails, and sea grass beds all teeming with waterfowl.  It is indeed a special place.

Nikon D7100. 10mm wide angle lens with a two stop graduated neutral density filter.

Thanks for the look and have a great week ahead.