Photo Of The Week: Winter Harvest

Harvesting soybeans in late January or early February is not uncommon in Eastern North Carolina, particularly when it has been such a wet growing season. Planted in the late Spring and early Summer, the beans usually ripen by December but the relentless rain soaked the soil so thoroughly, it could not support the big harvesting machines.  The area finally got a week with no rain which flashed the green light for the long delayed harvest.


Being based in Eastern North Carolina, I freelance a lot of rural and farm shots to argicultural concerns, Getty Images and the like.  As the old timers say, you dance with what brung ya, even if it’s a couple of months late.

Nikon D750, 24-120mm f/4 lens.

Thanks for dropping by and have a good week ahead.

Photo Of The Day: Sunrise in High Cotton


I’m hitting you with a lot of pictures of cotton in Eastern North Carolina but aside from fields of soybeans here and there, Cotton rules here this time of the year.  A virtual tide of cotton has swept over this part of the state in reaction to the high prices now commanded by raw cotton.  This field has been defoliated and will be harvested probably later this month or early next.  Have a great evening and thanks for the visit.

Photo Of The Day: Dawn On A Small Tobacco Farm

DaybreakDaybreak on a small tobacco farm in Eastern North Carolina.   While there are many small farms across North Carolina,  there are very few small farmers who still raise tobacco.  Many got out of the tobacco business some years back during the tobacco buy back program.  Many of the small growers who stayed in the game lease out their tobacco allotment to mega growers but I’m told the family that owns this farm still operates independently.   In addition to Tobacco, they also grow either cotton, soybeans or corn.  Its a hard life with limited income.   A photograph of a fading America.   Shot for a magazine article on small farms.  Nikon D600 with a 24mm lens.  Thanks for the Look and have a great evening.

By the way, the big storm for which we were bracing was pretty much a no show.  There was a little rain but not much wind.  Sometimes we get lucky.