Photo Of The Day: Snow Dweller


Hope I’m not wearing you out with Cardinals.  I must have a hundred shots of them from the two winter storms we’ve had.  I did want to post this one though because it looks like he’s shed a tear.  Just an ice pellet that stuck just below his eye.  Nikon D7100. 300mm  Thanks for the look and have a great weekend.

Photo Of The Day: Soul Mates

FAA A male and female Northern Cardinal wait out our recent snowstorm here in Eastern North Carolina.   This pair took up in a River Birch Tree near the wetlands here.  I had spread a good number of black sunflower seeds around the tree.  Every few minutes or so, they would dart down to pick up a seed then return to their same perch in the tree.  Both were always together.  Shot with a Nikon D7100 camera using a Nikon 70-300mm f/3.5-5.6 telephoto lens.  Using this full frame lens on the small sensor D7100 yields a crop factor multiplying the effective focal length by 1.5.  Click on the photograph for a large view.

This shot and others from the same outing are available for sale at John Harding Fine Art.  Click on the link in the upper right. Thanks for the look and have a great evening.

Photo Of The Day: Sunrise after the Fall

G1073-editedA view of one of the fields the morning after the big snowstorm.  It was still snowing that morning and even though the Nikon D700 is weather sealed, I still had inside a gallon zip lock bag with the zip closed around the 18-35mm lens just to be on the safe side. I love the subtle hues the 700 picks up in very low light which makes it one of Nikon’s all time best full frame digital cameras. Thanks for the visit and have a great Evening.

Photo Of The Day: The Smothering

G1067-edited8 Inches and counting right now which makes this storm among the worst snowstorms anyone can remember here.  Now as an encore, we’re getting freezing rain.  My knees are sore from praying the juice stays on.  It seems that the whole world has gone weather crazy!  I have a friend in Dublin who just told me they’re having 170 km gale force winds there.  That’s 105 miles an hour.  We call that a hurricane!  Thanks for the visit my friends and stay toasty!!!!!

Nikon D700/ 24-120 f/4 lens.

Photo Of The Day: A Clockwork Orange

G1052-editedThe bright orange dawn yesterday morning.  I suppose it was close enough to red to be taken as a warning because today we are getting clobbered by another snowstorm.  First flakes started floating down around 7 this morning and its been in high gear since.  About 3-4 inches on the ground now which was what was forecast but its still falling gangbusters so who knows what the final total will be.  I got all bundled up and took my camera out for a walk around the farm (Plastic protection around the D700 even though it is weather sealed..why take chances…) until my shutter finger froze up.  Stay stay tuned for pictures.  Hope its toasty where you are.  Have a great evening and thanks for the look.

Photo Of The Day: Please Call for an Appointment

Please Call for an Appointment!   Posted to Flickr September 8, 2010My cat, Henry Morgan upon being rudely awakened from his late afternoon snooze.  Henry has a fetish for the white blanket on our bed and likes to burrow under it for some nice toasty Z’s. Henry has the right idea.  Our phony winter comes to an abrupt halt tomorrow when up to 8 inches of snow is forecast for Eastern North Carolina. Mind you, we’ve only had a light dusting of snow here in the last three years.   In this part of the country where Snow Removal is the month of July, seeing the word snow in a forecast sends the area into a tizzy. People were  rushing to stock up on bread and milk and of course, the county has already closed all the schools before one flake has fallen.  My sister in Maine thinks all this hoopla for a little snow is better than a Jay Leno Monolog but let me tell you, 8 inches of snow in Eastern NC is serious “bidness”!  My best pal Henry Morgan doesn’t know it yet, but he’s gonna have to share that blanket.    Thanks for the look. Have a Great Evening and Stay Toasty my friends.

A Red Snowfall!

It looked more like bad dandruff than snow but what little there was,   less than inch for sure,  stuck on the ground.  Enough to give everything a whitewashed look.  More importantly from my own point of  view,  it made the Cardinals hunker down in the River Birch Tree near my makeshift bird blind,  well in range of my 70-300mm VR lens.   It was also the first time I had used my new SLIK tripod which I gave myself for Christmas.  I thought the results were quite good.  In fact, just about every shot was a keeper. This male was just about motionless for the longest time.  I was able to focus right in on his eye.

The snow began to pick up.  Big Flakes.  Usually a signal that the snowfall is petering out.  As if right on cue, a female fluttered in.

Then a quick jump to a branch right in front of the male.   It made for a great “twofer”.

There were other birds, of course: Chickadees, Dark Eyed Junkos, Sparrows, House Finches etc…..but its the Northern Cardinal that really shouts when its snowing.  Their coloring; the males bright crimson red and the female’s orange/red tinged brown is nothing short of spectacular.  After all these years of photographing them, you’d think I’d have enough shots of them.  Ah….like so many things,  one can never have enough.

A postscript to my previous post:  I found homeowners insurance with another company, one which did not ask for rates above that approved by the state of North Carolina.   How much did I save?  More than 600 dollars.  It pays to shop around.

See you soon on most of this same blog.