Photo Of The Day: The Gazebo at Duck


I’m such a sucker for this abandoned structure in the Currituck Sound at Duck, NC.  I must have taken a hundred shots at various angle at different times of the day and I still find myself drawn to it.  In its day, this offered a magnificent view of the Sound until a hurricane took out the walkway and the floor of the structure.  Amazingly, the roof has survived.  I can’t remember if it was Hurricane Isabel or Irene.  This is taken in late afternoon light in mid September.  Now, its left to the Sea Gulls.  Thanks for the look and have a great weekend.

Photo Of The Day: Soundside at Duck


I posted another shot with the old Gazebo in it probably a month or so ago.  It’s among my favorite views of the Sound from Duck.  You can just make out the Point Harbor to Kitty Hawk Bridge in the Distance.  The graphic nature of this shot came about purely by accident akin to those surprises I used to get now and then in the film days.   I had taken my light reading from the Sea Oats in the foreground and everything else just fell into place. I think I shot this with the Nikon D600 and a 24-120 f/4 lens.  I remember when one could walk out to the Gazebo, sit and watch the sun set but one of the hurricanes that blitzed through here took care of that.  Irene maybe.  Thanks for the look and have a great evening.


Photo Of The Day: Good Tidings

Obx.00034-edited The Sound, in the case of the Northern Outer Banks, Currituck Sound,  has its quiet, peaceful charm, but for sheer drama its hard to beat sunrise on the oceanfront.  This one between Southern Shores and Kitty Hawk.  A special shout out to the brown pelicans that chose to cruise into my shot.  Nikon D600/ 18mm lens.  Ya’ll have a very large mid-week and as always thanks for the look.

Photo Of The Day: Boating On The Sound

Boats on the Sound Posted To Flickr January 17, 2014

As I was processing this image (click on the shot for the large view) of boaters on the Currituck Sound just off Duck on the Outer Banks,   I kept thinking of a wedding floral shoot I had done some years ago at River Dunes, an upscale development on the coast of Pamlico Sound not far from the town of Oriental in Pamlico County.  The wedding reception was to be held in the River Dunes Club House, a very new but rustic space.  The dining area which was being decorated for the reception was on the second floor.  As I made my way up the stairs with my gear, there, near the entrance was a display of 3 maybe four very large monochrome prints in sepia tones of the classic 1930’s J Class Yachts of America’s Cup Fame.  I was captivated by the yachts, of course but also by the vintage tone of the prints. Was it an option for this shot of the sound?

My shot of the boaters on the sound was originally a color shot taken with a Nikon D600.  I remember toying with the idea of shooting it with my F-100 which was in my bag and loaded with a fresh 36 shot roll of Kodak Tri-X 400 black and whiite film (yes, it’s still being made).  I wish I had but the blue tones in the scene won me over and I shot it in color.  Back at the computer,  I knew straight away the blue hues in the image were not enough to carry the shot so I processed it as a black and white image then added the sepia layer.  I decided to put it on my flickr site for my fellow photography pals to mull over.  Peter, a longtime professional shooter who now lives in Australia and for whom I have enormous respect, wrote: “This is the kind of image  people want on their walls John,” adding, “More Please”.  Thanks Peter.  Back in my news days, the axiom was that anyone who enjoyed their own work had a problem, like a comedian laughing at his own jokes. But I have to confess, I like the shot. In fact, I’m already having it printed for my wall.  I’ll find a spot.  Thanks for the look and have a great week ahead.

Stillness on The Sound

Twilight On The Pamlico Sound at Oriental, North Carolina,  This is where the mile wide Neuse River empties into the Pamlico Sound on the  North Carolina Coast.  This is the companion to an earlier shot of the Sound as seen from Oriental.  These and other shots of the coast and Outer Banks can be seen on my web site.  Just click on “John Harding Art Prints” on the upper right and go to the Gallery “The North Carolina Coast.”   Thanks for the look and have a Great Weekend.  Cheers!

Twilight on the Neuse

Another shot taken near Oriental, North Carolina where the Neuse River empties into the Pamlico Sound along the Carolina Coast.   The light is the star here with the blue sky reflected in the almost pristine water.  Have a great week and thanks for the look.

Nikon D700 with an 18-35mm lens set at 18mm.