An Atlantic Dawn

Atlantic Dawn I


Atlantic Dawn II

A couple of pre-sunrise shots taken at Southern Shores, North Carolina.  I didn’t have far to walk to the beach so when I saw the cloudy sky, I grabbed my bag and headed out.   These scenes come early so if you have trouble getting out of bed, you will miss them.   Be there and you’ll be rewarded with some fabulous sky colors.  These two shots were taken on the same morning.  A complete makeover that occurred within just a few minutes before sunrise.  Both shots were handheld. The second a tad longer exposure.  Both shot with a Nikon D800e camera and an 18-35 Nikkor lens.  If you’re heading for a beach this spring or summer, take along an alarm clock.  It’s worth the agony of getting up early.  Have a good week.  See you next time.

Photo of The Week: Big Blow


I’m guessing the wind was gusting up to 50 mph.  I was crouched on top of the barrier dunes at Southern Shores, North Carolina and even with my tripod planted in the sand, it was hard to keep the camera steady.  The sea oats  and  the ocean tell the story.  This was the first Tropical Storm/ Hurricane I had ridden out on the coast since the 70’s.  It was a sobering experience.  Nikon D3X  24mm lens.   Have  a good week and thanks for the look.



Photos Of The Week: The Outer Banks Takes A Hit from Hurricane Hermine


The Eye of Hurricane Hermine passed right over Manteo on Saturday then made its way up the coast stalling off  the Virginia Capes bringing rough seas, rip tides and gale force winds to the Outer Banks across the Labor Day Weekend.  The shot above was taken Sunday Evening at Duck, North Carolina.

Posted To Flickr September 10, 2016  Facebook September 11, 2016

Sunrise September 5th, Labor Day on the beach at Southern Shores, NC.T

The winds shifted to the West by Wednesday as skies cleared and the ocean began to calm down.  Lots of trees were blown down or broken but I didn’t see much structural damage at least along the Northern Banks.  Certainly not as big a hit as from Irene in 2011.   Thanks for the look and have a great week.

Photo Of The Day: Graceful Sea

The Graceful Sea   Posted to Flickr November 25, 2015

Dawn breaks over the Atlantic at Southern Shores, North Carolina on the Outer Banks.

After umpteen years of using Google’s free photo organizer,  Picasa and I are about to part company.  I recently “upgraded” from Picasa 3.1 to 3.9 and suddenly, with one click, the Picasa data base is corrupted.  Now instead of thumbnails of my thousands of photos,  I get Picasa’s default icon — three or four colored balls of various sizes.  I have tried all of the suggested fixes. Nothing worked. From I read on the net, this is not an unusual experience with 3.9.  So, Picasa is walking the plank. It’s free so I really can’t make too much of a fuss. It worked okay for years but it’s time to move on.

I’ve  toyed with taking the plunge to Adobe’s Lightroom and while I hate guilt by association,  Adobe’s Photoshop Elements Software which I use to convert my raw images and process my work, has never been on warm on fuzzy terms with my computer.  An Adobe engineer spent hours trying to load Elements 13 on my Windows 7 machine and finally gave up in frustration.  My rig runs 16 gb RAM and that folks is a lot of random memory but I constantly get error messages from Elements telling me there is not enough RAM followed by the usual crashes and stalls and lock ups. Bottom line is I’m not willing to take a 150 dollar bet on Lightroom doing any better.

So….after hours and hours of comparisons and reviews and so forth, I’ve decided to take a whirl with Corel’s Paintshop Pro 8X. If the hype lives up to my experience with it, I’ll be beyond thrilled.  The cost was less than 50 bucks at Amazon.    If any of you have any experience with it, please weigh in.  In the meantime, stay tuned.

See you next time.

Photo Of The Day: Tranquility Base

Tranquility Base   Posted to Flickr November 15, 2014

A front passing out to sea adds a little drama to the beach at Southern Shores.  Aside from the sea creatures, there wasn’t another living soul out and about on this afternoon, not even a Sandpiper. Just the muted roar of the ocean. Now if that isn’t a base for tranquility, I don’t know what is.  Have a great weekend everybody and thanks for the look.