Be Extraordinary

A pail of Orange Oriental Lilies awaits the Arrangers Magic.  This bunch went to a wedding reception on the coast of North Carolina.  Thanks for the look and have a great evening.

Nikon D7000 200mm


A wide shot of the dawn in one of the fields taken back in April.  I found this lurking on one of the external drives and decided to give it its 15 minutes of internet immortality.

Nikon D90 10mm

I read where Nikon is about to announce a new full frame digital slr, the D600.  It’s described as a hybrid between the new D800 and the D7000.  24 megapixels.  Would love to see it.  You know once you start shooting with a full frame camera, its hard to go back to the smaller DX slrs.


Thanks for the look and have a great evening.

Beaufort, North Carolina U S A

This lovingly restored home at 207 Front Street in the historic town of Beaufort, North Carolina was the site of my wedding floral shoot assignment his past weekend.  The house faces Beaufort Harbor on the Bogue Sound along the Crystal Coast.  Needless to say the views from the front porch are out of this world.  The house was built in 1850. The owners tell me the home was stripped to its bones, studs and rafters, in 1992 and completely rebuilt from the original plans.  It has been exquisitely maintained.  In the rear of the house is a formal garden complete with gazebo, arbor and a guest cottage.  The cottage shares the same design as the main house.  I can’t think of a more beautiful spot for a wedding.  The only negative was the humidity which must have been right at 100 percent.  My thanks to the owners for their warm hospitality, good conversation and allowing me to take some shots of their beautiful home.  Thanks for the look and have a great  sunday evening.

Pink Lady

Rarely do we see a Hibiscus bloom this perfect this time of the year.  Something is usually munching on them or a storm has blown them to bits but this one was just about perfect.   The color just about fried my retina.   I shot this on a very overcast day here with a 150 mm lens stopped down to f29 for 1/8th of a second. ISO 100, Exposure Compensation at minus 2, Manual Mode using spot metering.

Thanks for the look and have a great Thursday evening.

Nikon D7000. 18-200 mm lens at 150mm.

Heat Seekers

Sunflowers thriving in the extreme heat here in Eastern North Carolina.  We’re into a second run of plus 100 degree temperatures.  104 degrees at 4 this afternoon.  104-106 tomorrow and again Sunday before we finally catch a break next week in the form of rain and cooler temperatures.   The Sunflowers don’t seem to mind the heat at all.  Not a wilt to be found.  Hope its cooler where you area.  Thanks for the look and have a great weekend.

Nikon D7000. 200mm


The Wet Spot

The first hint of dawn in a cotton field after heavy rain from a passing thunderstorm over night.   There was no major damage here but up the east coast hundreds of thousands lost power on one of the hottest days of the year.  The structures you see in the distance in this shot are greenhouses.  Have a great evening and thanks for the look.

Nikon D700. 18mm