Photo Of The Week: Flags for the Scouts


This shot of the Stars and Stripes and the State Flag of North Carolina flying on the barrier dunes along the Outer Banks at Sunset was chosen by the Eastern Council of the Boy Scouts of America to be awarded to  selected friends of Scouting for their outstanding support.  Exquisitely matted and framed by Shenandoah Printing and Graphics of Greenville, North Carolina, it is a most impressive presentation.  It was a real honor for the Scouts to select my shot.  I cannot think of a better organization to be associated with.  Thanks for the look.  See you soon.

Photo of The Day: Sunset in the Bean Field


I don’t usually venture out for a sunset shot here.  The sight lines are such that I have to hike up to the far end of the field to get a nice long, unobstructed view and even then the tree line comes into play before the sun hits the pure horizon.  But as we all know, there are no rules.  The sun was just about to drop below the tree line when I turned the corner into the open fields and the light was fading fast.  Not enough time to make the trek to the other end of the field so I quickly fired off  two shots with the D800E.  I know, its on the dark side but I really do like the light and shadow play on the soybeans.

If you’re wondering what on earth are soybeans doing in the field in January, the answer is…..Rain.  We’ve had two weeks of heavy rain over the past 20 days and the ground is like soup.  Far too wet to get the harvest machines into the field.  Like most places in the Southeast USA, the weather has just been crazy.

Thanks for the look in and have a great 2016.

Photo of The Day: Kitty Hawk Sunset


Well I think this is Kitty Hawk.  They don’t post the town limits on the beaches.  Whatever, its close enough. Of course the sun is setting on the Currituck Sound. This is the sky on the beach. I have a shot of just the ocean with the pink hues on the waves. I must look for it but you can get the idea from this how spectacular the sky was.  Another with the trusty Nikon D600.  I’ve had nary an oil splatter since the camera went back to Nikon for the installation of a new shutter mechanism.  Don’t think I have had to clean the senor either since I got it back from Nikon.

I am finally on the rebound from shall I say the “digestive distress”  I have been under since an antibiotic taken in advance of some dental work wreaked havoc with my lower tract. Bad demons.

Thanks for the look in.  More coming. See you next time in most of this same space.

Photo Of The Day: Land’s End

The Long and The Short Of it.

A view of the incredibly wide beach at Land’s End on the Southeastern tip of Emerald Isle, NC in the late afternoon on Christmas Day.  Visiting my wife’s family on the nearby  mainland Christmas Day presented the opportunity before dinner that evening so I drove over to the Island for a quick jaunt through the public beach access to be welcomed by the curse of  a blinding, cloud free sky.  The Sunny f/16 rule (100 iso, 1/125th, f/16) helped but more extreme measures were required along the lines of f/22 and 1/1500th.   I used the vehicle tracks to pull the eye into the shot. ( Permits can be had to allow driving on the beach presumably off season.)  Click on the shot to bring the vehicles and people at the far end of the island into view.  The f/22 aperture of course resulted in the sun star.  Sunset would have been the ideal time for a few shots but as luck would have it,  I had to get back for Christmas Dinner.  Always those mitigating circumstances.  Did I really just say that?

Photo Of The Day: Winter At Duck

Winter At Duck

Sunset over the barrier dunes at Duck, NC on a very cold day.


My wife asked me the other day to give her my list of Photography wants for Christmas.  It was a short list.   There were only two items on it.  One a couple of two inch wide camera straps in a Navojo design  from Capturing Couture . I don’t like walking around advertising the fact that I have a rather expensive rig around my neck;  so yes, a two inch camera strap or two.  My only other need is a  32 gb   Compact Flash Card for my D800E.    She couldn’t believe it.  “That’s it!!!!  After decades of book length photography Christmas wants,  that’s the best you can do.”  I told her it would be fun to have one of those 600 mm monster lens so I could play like I was Art Wolfe or something but honestly……   Well hold on,  Yeah, that new Nikon 20mm f/1.8 would be nice.  “Well that’s a relief”,  she said,  “I was beginning to think there was something really wrong with you.”  Hey, I tried.

Stay warm my friends.  See you next time.


Photo Of The Day: Last Bastion of Color

Schizophrenic trees.  Posted to flickr November 18, 2014.

When I was taking photography 101 at American University in Washington, DC a bazillion years ago,  the instructor who was a shooter for the Washington Post and Newsweek Magazine told us to always remember to look up and turn around.  Sometimes the shot is right there waiting for you! That’s particularly true this time of the year when the Autumn colors are slowly beginning their transition to shades of gray as winter approaches.  These are maples on the farm in all their late fall glory thanks to the setting sun. A simple little shot.  And all it required was to look up.

Thanks for the look and have a great week.

Nikon D800E Camera. 24-120mm f/4 lens set at 24mm.