Photo Of The Week:Boardwalk Empire

Boardwalk Empire.  Posted to Flickr November 12, 2016e

The walkway to the Gazebo at Duck, destroyed by Hurricane Irene more than five years ago, is back in business, though this was as far as I could get given the rather formidable chain blocking access.   I suspect the owners now rent it out.  The walkway connects to the Duck Boardwalk which runs along the coast of Currituck Sound for perhaps a mile or so. The late afternoon sun coupled with the perspective made for a rather interesting shot with a wide angle lens. So what has been a roosting place for Seagulls is now ready for humans, but as with most things now, it’s pay to play.  Nikon D800E Camera. 18-35 mm lens. Thanks for the look and have a great week ahead


Photo Of The Day: Sea Oats at Sunrise


I’ve taken dozens of shots of these Sea Oats which grow on the barrier dune right next to the walkway down to the beach at Southern Shores.   This was taken after a  storm which explains all the debris on the beach. It proved again the old adage that the best sunrises come after nasty weather.   I recall helping this shot along a bit by using a warming filter which really plays to the warm yellow rays of the sun.   As always, thanks for the look which is better when you click on the photograph.  Have a wonderful evening.