Sand Artistry

It was a cloudless, no drama day with a high sky and bright sun,  but I figured I would drive to the oceanfront anyway,  thinking that perhaps I could grab some arty close ups of the wind’s artistry in the sand.  It had been windy on the coast most of the week since the last Nor’easter ; they come with seeming increased regularity now, and I hoped to find some interesting patterns along and behind the dunes.   I wasn’t disappointed.

I lingered after taking the shot with my eye focusing just below the clump of sea grass to the right.  It looked like some miniature Zen garden.

After processing the raw files back home, I uploaded the shot above to my web site and immediately sold two prints.  I also got an email asking if I had taken a larger view of the scene.  I had.  I uploaded that photograph  and it sold right away to one of the buyers of the closeup shot. She wanted to display both together. Lesson learned! Always hang on to the larger view of a cropped scene.  You never know.  Thanks for looking and have a good week ahead.  See you next time.

Photo of The Week: Big Blow


I’m guessing the wind was gusting up to 50 mph.  I was crouched on top of the barrier dunes at Southern Shores, North Carolina and even with my tripod planted in the sand, it was hard to keep the camera steady.  The sea oats  and  the ocean tell the story.  This was the first Tropical Storm/ Hurricane I had ridden out on the coast since the 70’s.  It was a sobering experience.  Nikon D3X  24mm lens.   Have  a good week and thanks for the look.



Photo Of The Day: The Mother of All Cold Fronts


A fast moving front, this one enveloped the area in about ten minutes, blasting its way to the ocean with winds clocked here on the farm at 50-55 miles an hour. I had trouble standing to take the shot.    The temperature in advance of the front was in the low 60’s and by the time is was through, it had plummeted to the low 40’s. Quite humbling. Thanks for the look and have a good week. Nikon D800E, 24-120 f/4 lens.


Photo Of The Day: A Van Gogh In Early Light


The breeze off the ocean is always marvelous here but it does create problems for me in early morning photography and such was the case this morning.   Keeping things sharp has been a challenge in situations like this so I changed my ways,  ditching Aperture Priority in favor of  Shutter Priority  and setting my shutter speed at 1/320. Its a good setting to use when in windy situations and at times when things are moving about like these sunflowers were doing this morning. The fast shutter freezes the action and keeps things quite sharp.  Of course in low light which is the norm in early morning shooting,  I find myself upping the ISO quite liberally sometimes.  This one came in at ISO 400 but occasionally, I’ve upped it to 800 with good results meaning very little if any noise.  A reminder of how far cameras have come in limiting noise.   My Nikon full framers allow me to set a shutter speed limit which helps a lot when one is preoccupied with the shot.  Might try it if you find yourself in similar situations.  It sure works for me.   Cheers everybody and have a great evening.

Nikon D600, 18-35mm lens.

Photo Of The Day: Southwester


My first glimpse of the field showed a perfectly clear morning with a slight glow of warm yellow from the still below the horizon sun.   Then I crossed the causeway and got the full view and there it was, a huge bank of cloud cover slowly moving in from the Southwest.   The tinge of pink on the leading edge softened the feeling of impending doom somewhat  but it looked pretty serious.   It was.   An hour later the rain moved in and treated us to a day of  downpour the likes of which we had not seen in a while.    The shot seems to perfectly characterize my day today, a good chunk of which I spent with our tax guru who gave me the wonderful news as to how much the government is going to extract from me.   Lets just say it was a rather painful financial enema.  And that dear friends explains why I am rather late with today’s offering.   I hope your day was better.  Watch out for them Southwesters!.  Thanks for the visit and have a great evening.

Run and Hide


The beach at Southern Shores as seen from the top of the barrier dunes.  A Nor’easter  is moving northward up the coast packing lots of rain, wind and high surf.  Time to hunker down.  Have a great evening and thanks for the visit.