Snow Encore

A snowstorm in southeastern North Carolina is pretty rare.  Two within a week is unheard of, but last Wednesday our second storm of the season blew through.

Not quite the disaster the previous storm was but enough to again close the schools down and send out the road crews.  In fact, the schools closed down 12 hours before the first flake floated to the ground.  All told, there was maybe an inch.  A little more in the wooded areas thanks to the wind and drifting and a bit of snow and ice left from the week before.

I know, not a big deal to those who live in more snow prone areas.  My sister in Maine calls me a “Winter Wimp.”  It’s all about what you are used to dealing  with.  I suspect, we’d better get used to the weather extremes because as Bob Dylan said, “The Times they are a’changing.”

A couple of asides.  Fed Ex and UPS had no problem with the weather.  UPS delivered my D750 from Nikon.  I had returned it to have the shutter checked as part of a Nikon Recall.  They gave it a complete once over.  New Shutter, replacement of the rubber grips and seals, sensor cleaning, overall cleaning and updated with factory specs including the latest firmware.  Thank you Nikon.

And Fed Ex delivered my 134 dollar used Nikon 80-210mm f 4-5.6 D lens. ( The “D” indicates the lens sends distance information to the camera for matrix metering.)  Nikon made this in Japan into the early 2000’s.  No one makes lenses like this anymore.  All metal. Lightning fast auto focus and among the sharpest lenses Nikon has ever made. It’s a push pull lens meaning you extend the barrel of the lens to the wanted distance.  If you can find a good one with little use, they’re a steal.  And, they work with just about every SLR and DSLR camera Nikon has made..  I bought this one for my Nikon F-100 film camera.  Thanks for the read and have a good week ahead.  See you next time.

Photo Of The Day: Iced!


We always get ice!  Seldom any snow.  Just ice!  The freezing rain started just after dark last evening.  By this morning, an estimated 1/4 to 1/2 inch of ice covered everything including, of course, the power lines.  How we escaped a power outage is beyond me.  There’s so much ice on the lines, you’d think the electricity would just freeze up.  Big ole Lob lolly Pine trees buckled.  Two just gave up and toppled over.  Huge limbs littered the driveway into the farm like some tornado had ripped through.  The Beach Road looks like the Polar Expressway.  Our Camellia Beds had the look of frozen spinach.  That’s a photograph of it above.  When I got up this morning,  I rolled out the portable generator and chanced a two mile drive to a gas station to pick up 5 gallons. It was slow going, never going over 20 miles an hour. Yes, I have four wheel drive.    I never ever think to lay in gas the night before.  Why is that?   I haven’t had to use it.  So far so good.  Tonight, no precipitation but the deep freeze has an encore.    Maybe some snow tomorrow the weather gurus say.   I’ve always had a suspicion the weather people are in cahoots with the grocery stores to share in the bread and milk bounty when the nasty stuff closes in.  I whine.  Thank you Lord for not making us Boston. Stay warm……and safe.

Merry Christmas and To All a Good Night


The Bluebirds were all snug in their nests as a surprise Holiday Snowstorm visited the farm some years ago.  Today, just cold rain, high winds and a thunderstorm or two.  Not a good day to be traveling.  Hope you and your loved ones have a safe trek to wherever you are headed.  Best Wishes for a joyous Christmas and a marvelous New Year.

Photo Of The Day: Snow Dweller


Hope I’m not wearing you out with Cardinals.  I must have a hundred shots of them from the two winter storms we’ve had.  I did want to post this one though because it looks like he’s shed a tear.  Just an ice pellet that stuck just below his eye.  Nikon D7100. 300mm  Thanks for the look and have a great weekend.

Photo Of The Day: Sunrise after the Fall

G1073-editedA view of one of the fields the morning after the big snowstorm.  It was still snowing that morning and even though the Nikon D700 is weather sealed, I still had inside a gallon zip lock bag with the zip closed around the 18-35mm lens just to be on the safe side. I love the subtle hues the 700 picks up in very low light which makes it one of Nikon’s all time best full frame digital cameras. Thanks for the visit and have a great Evening.

Photo Of The Day: Snowed In

Snowed In   Posted to Flckr January 5, 2011Lest you think that our phony winter in Eastern North Carolina has given way to the real thing,  I must tell you this is from several years ago when we actually had a heavy 20 minute totally unexpected  snowfall.  It was just long enough for me to grab this shot of a little Chipping Sparrow bundling up against the big surprise.  He didn’t have to wait long for it to melt.  By afternoon, just about every trace of it was gone and we were back to the phony winter.  Click on the Photograph for a much larger view.  Thanks for the look and have a great evening.