I’m a freelance rural landscape and floral shooter in Eastern North Carolina about an hour away from the coast.  Most of my shots are taken here on the family farm where I live, along the North Carolina Coast  or on occasional jaunts back to my urban roots.

Clients include individuals , regional magazines, floral concerns and international advertising and marketing firms.   Many of my images are for sale on my photography website.  Click on John Harding Art Prints in the upper right column.

I use Nikon Camera’s and Lenses.

Thank you for stopping by and don’t be stranger.

John Harding

Lenoir County, North Carolina

16 thoughts on “About

  1. First off, if I may call you John, I found you by accident. Odd how these things happen I suppose. I saw on another blog you were from Richmond and currently live in Eastern NC.
    I have yet to meet another blogger from eastern NC. In looking through your pictures, I am home. HOME. You have to be close. I live in a very small county where farming is life. Where my oldest daughter just graduated from NCSU with a degree in AG. (yes i said girl) She is now teaching AG. Where the Outer Banks is home. Where a grandmother’s old farm and home lives on the old Locks of the Dismal Swamp canal. Home. Where oddly enough, my best friend in all of life lives in Chesterfield,
    You just cant be that far….
    Your pictures are nothing less than striking…nothing less to me than …HOME.

  2. Glad you got here Lisa….accident or not, and thanks for all those handsome comments. As for being far, given the common ground we have stomped, I don’t suspect that I am……Small farm in S.E. Lenoir County…..with lots of other homes away from home. Again…thanks for taking the time.

    • You are in the big town of Kinston. Tobacco country.
      My middle daughter played sports and we played Kinston. Small world.
      I currently live in Camden. Outside of Eliazabeth City. Born and raised in EC. family from Camden. It’s a mix. Live on farm land. No tobacco here. Corn, wheat, beans and some cotton. Oh and potatoes.
      I am 35 min from the banks. Lots of quick trips for sun and fun. Depending on which way you go to the banks, you may come right thru.
      If you are ever in the tinkering to do some old barn pics, I can set you up. Lots of old barns to be had right here that have a lot of old tales to tell on their own. Something about barns. But, you would have a ball at the dismal swamp locks from the grandmas home. Such a beautiful spot. There is a little pier where you can sit and see the yachts come through the old locks. Just magnificent. The canal is just large enough for some of the boaters.
      Awesome. School is in now…well, the beach will be busy this weekend but next weekend you can make your way down! My favorite place in all the world is Winks at mhp2. If you want some great food there is a great restaurant called Food Dudes. On the beach road. It is a small local dive. Awesome food. Also, don’t know if your ever quainter the locals dive known as “Bobs-Eat and Get the Hell Out” -one of my very places- but he passed away last week. I not sure what will happen with the restaurant. If you go to the beach, which it sounds like you do, but would like more restaurants to go to locally speaking, let me know. I have friends that are chefs and have great restaurants.
      Thanks again for your kind comments as well.

  3. Actually, I’m about 9 miles SE of Kinston. Moved down here from Richmond/Chesterfield when I left broadcast news in 2001 to help the family run a cut flower farm and lease out acreage which is usually planted with cotton or soybeans. I get up to the Banks whenever I can — usually September and late December…..Cottage in Southern Shores….. In fact, I’m heading up Sunday for several days of photography. Emerald Isle is another favorite spot on the coast …only about 45 minutes away. Been to Camden Maine many many times but not your Camden…..sounds enticing. Might have to make a trip. I have had the pleasure of Eliz City …a couple of times on news assignments but not recently. I hear good things about it. Terrific to make contact with you…..Cheers!

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